Seasonal Block Letters

UPDATE:  I did another set of these for my mom, and they turned out (I think) a lot nicer than the ones I did for myself.  I might redo mine sometime.





I love the trend of using words to decorate!  I wanted to include some in my fall decorating, but I also wanted to save money.  I made my blocks for free using materials I had on hand.



I found these pictures (among others) on Pinterest:



(found on Pinterest)

These things are all over the place; I’m sure you’ve seen similar things before.  I wanted to recreate a similar look, but without using a lot of money (or power tools).



You will need:

– wooden blocks (the number depends on what words you’re writing)

– paint

– paintbrush

– Sharpie (or a small paintbrush if you are painting the letters on)

– stencils (optional – see Improvements)

– Mod Podge


At first I thought of putting letters on mason jars.  Then I remembered that my mom had a ton of wooden blocks sitting up in her attic that haven’t been used since we were little kids.  They were already sanded and there were several of the same size.  My mom said I could take as many as I wanted.  I picked out a few different sizes.  My idea was to write letters on the front and back of each block, so that I could turn them around to go with a different season (in this case, Thanksgiving and Christmas).


After rinsing off the dust, I painted one side of each block.  I wanted to use two different colors.






They dried pretty quickly in the sun.  I painted the opposite side as well.  Then I did another coat of each color because these particular blocks absorbed a lot of the paint.


I did the letters freehand (see below for Improvements).  Before writing the letters, I had printed them out so I had a sample of the font I wanted to use.  On most of them I just used a Sharpie.


(These are the blocks that I planned to write on both sides of)


(I’ve only done one side of these but I’ll probably add another side later on)


I used paint for the second side of my larger blocks.



After they were dry, I just finished them off with a coat of Mod Podge.  And that was it!






The most obvious way to take these blocks a step up is to use a stencil for the letters.  I have another set of blocks that I’m going to make for my mom, so I’ll try that with them.


If you’re really good with a paintbrush, you can also embellish the background of your blocks so it’s not just a solid color.


If you have cubes, and you want to go for maximum versatility, I bet you could recreate these blocks which can be made to spell 16 different seasonal words!  (The link isn’t a tutorial, but it pretty much tells you how to do it).  I might try it myself!