Mother’s Day Cupcakes and My First Fondant!

Happy Mother’s Day!  I love my mom, and I love making presents rather than buying them, and I love baking, and my mom loves chocolate.  Add it all together and you get cupcakes!


A few months ago I came across these adorable cupcakes on Pinterest:




Those tiny little roses are too cute!  I had to try them.


I had never made or even worked with fondant before so I was a little hesitant.  I mean, I didn’t even know what fondant was made out of.  Fortunately, there is a super simple and super cheap way to make fondant, and it happens also to be super delicious.  Instead of using shortening and powdered sugar, which tastes about as gross as it sounds, you use marshmallows and powdered sugar – yum!


I’m going to write out the basic recipe, then give a link to a more detailed recipe that gives a lot more instruction on how to work with fondant (which if I had read it, I probably would have had an easier time!).


Basic marshmallow fondant recipe:

  • One large package mini marshmallows (my recipe said 16 oz, another said 21 oz, and the bags at the store were either 10 or 20 oz, so I think it doesn’t really matter that much)
  • 2 lb powdered sugar (one large bag)
  • water
  • food coloring

Melt the marshmallows in a double-boiler with a few tablespoons of water (you can also put them in a microwave-safe bowl, stirring them every 30 seconds until melted).  Add about 1/2 to 3/4 of the powdered sugar and stir until combined (you may need to add a little bit more water).  Then knead the rest of the powdered sugar in.  Very important: this stuff is sticky so keep your hands and kneading surface dusted with powdered sugar.  Alternatively, you can grease your hands and kneading surface with Crisco, but according to the in-depth recipe below, as well as my own experience, greasy fondant is harder to work with.


Add your food coloring and continue to knead until the fondant is smooth and firm – about 5-7 minutes.  Ta-da!  (Taste it – it’s yummy)


That’s the bare-bones idea so you can see that it’s not really very complicated.  But you should also read this recipe because it gives more instruction and details.


Anyway, so I tried making the tiny rosebuds, and considering that it was my first time ever working with fondant, I think I did pretty well.  I couldn’t get them as tiny or delicate as the ones in the picture, but again, I think this was partly because I used Crisco instead of powdered sugar to keep the fondant from sticking.  Next time I will try powdered sugar and see how it goes!


I frosted the cupcakes with buttercream frosting (Betty Crocker recipe – I hate store-bought frosting) before putting the fondant on.  I was surprised at how easily the fondant stayed on the frosting, even after the frosting had set (homemade buttercream frosting turns hard after a while).  The fondant flowers also sort of stuck to each other so I didn’t have any trouble keeping them on the cupcake – which was fortunate, because the cupcakes felt a little top-heavy!



Making those little rolled flowers takes a lot of time.  I didn’t have all night, so for half my cupcakes I used a cookie cutter to make a simpler flower.


I think they look really cute together!



It’s fun to experiment, and I think overall this was a success.  I am excited to work with fondant again!